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PHONELEARN © is the Telephone English course aimed at all those people who need to speak English over the phone, including their mobiles, anytime, anywhere.

PHONELEARN © can now also be combined with your Writing and Reading Comprehension activities: you can in fact post a document you wrote in English, which will then be reviewed and corrected by your dedicated tutor, who will highlight mistakes and areas that you may need to improve.

The course is aimed at developing Speaking & Listening Comprehension skills, and improving Fluency, i.e. speaking English easily and naturally.

PHONELEARN © offers complete flexibility at a very reasonable price, and it represents an excellent opportunity for anyone who has no time to go to a language school or attend classes regularly.

In addition, you can access the Virtual Language Lab (the exclusive training platform of BRITISH SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL®): you will have the benefit of unlimited, 12-month access to additional online Writing, Reading and business contents, both technical and general, to keep up your English skills.




PHONELEARN © lets students book lessons online, depending on a Tutor’s availability in the online Calendar;  the Student is then called at the agreed time either on their mobile or landline phone.




It’s up to you!  It’s as easy as ABC:  all you need to do is click the date and time available to book your telephone lesson, and you will be called back by your tutor either on your mobile or landline phone.